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The Innovation Broker Network ( IBN ) is a network of brokers specialized in the field of innovation.

IBN has the following mission :

"To promote facilitate and accelerate the process of innovation in business operations"

IBN in fact was created to promote cooperation between companies and suppliers of " Service Innovation " through the ability to understand the needs of the enterprise and to identify those who have the means to satisfy them.

The IBN Network was created as a model of partnership. This model intends for the continued sharing of experiences and knowledge acquired by both businesses and individuals within.

Today IBN is an international network that brings together in a single organization the largest number of Innovation Brokers in Italy.

The values ​​and principles that guide the IBN network partners are governed by a Code of Ethics.

The IBN Code of Ethics is based on a cooperation concept based on each partner role.

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Who is the Innovation Broker

The Innovation Broker is something more than just a professional.

It is an expert individual able to analyze and understand the vital innovation need within a company and identify who is able to satisfy it.

Its main function is not to provide advice, but to stimulate and facilitate collaboration between the demand for innovation and innovation service providers.

The Innovation Broker procures contacts for Link and develops relationships that can lead customers and their needs towards those who can fulfill them.

The Innovation Broker

  • Is skilled in understanding the issues related to innovation of a business
  • Is able to identify who has the tools to solve them (skills, abilities, knowledge )
  • Assist the business all the way to its economic goal

Why l’Innovation Broker

The Innovation Broker helps you to transform your idea in a business with high profit

Here are all the advantages:

  1. You have a professional who timely advises and supports you
  2. You come in contact with companies who can provide the support and expertise you need
  3. You can get higher results from your projects and expeditiously
  4. You have access to new tools that allow you to get more funds to finance your “innovation” projects
  5. You are kept abreast on all the news profitable to businesses that you can capitalize on

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